Black Hills, South Dakota

Strategic ownership allows IRIS Metals to increase resource size and maintain a competitive edge in the US mining sector

IRIS boasts highly prospective and strategic prospects within the Black Hills region, setting the stage for significant lithium exploration and development.

With additional patented properties and BLM claims in hand, IRIS is well-positioned for untapped resource expansion and sustained growth in the lithium sector.

IRIS controls a combined land area of approximately 2,469 Lode Claims, comprising 33 hectares of Patented Claims and 22,300 hectares of BLM claims, solidifying its position as a key player in the region.

Abundant outcropping LCT pegmatite swarms across IRIS’s claims house some of the world’s largest known lithium spodumene crystals, underpinning the area’s geological significance.

The Black Hills region holds a legacy of historic lithium mining dating back to 1898, characterized by the extraction of Li-bearing spodumene and amblygonite, laying the groundwork for IRIS’s innovative approach to lithium exploration in this renowned mining-friendly jurisdiction.