At IRIS Metals we believe that there is no contradiction in partaking of the earth’s treasures and protecting and enhancing its purity. That’s why, to IRIS, its officers and employees, ESG is more than a trendy acronym – for it is no good exploring for and extracting the land’s bounty for the benefit of society at large, if, in the process, we compromise the source of this endowment.

Environmental: IRIS always seeks to interact with the earth within the confines of environmental best practices, be that minimizing pollution in its activities, returning the land to its natural state following its disruption and ultimately seeking to achieve a zero net emissions footprint.

Social: IRIS performs its business practices with the aim of fostering social cohesion and becoming a valued part of the communities in which it works; engaging with the local community and supporting local programs. 

Similarly, IRIS is cognisant and respectful of the land rights of the indigenous people and the cultural and historically significant heritage sites when formulating its exploration strategy.

IRIS’ employees are its biggest asset and nothing matters more to the Company than people – all people; irrespective of gender, race or creed. IRIS is aware of the fact that it is a visitor in its communities, and as a guest should be both generous and gracious in its dealings.

Governance: As a publicly listed company, IRIS legally obligated to adhere to statutory governance procedures. IRIS and its officers take these responsibilities very seriously and look at them as minimum requirements.