North America is opening its doors to lithium refinement.

China and the West have had a long, fruitful lithium relationship over the years. That’s changing. Some relationships are forever, however some just grow apart.

It’s how each party picks up the pieces towards a brighter future that matters, and this break up could be a significant makeup for ASX juniors adopting their business into North America’s lithium supply chain goals.

China has been pumping out the full suite of lithium battery-related products since the mid-1990s, vastly undercutting the cost for countries to build their own domestic supply chains.

That’s because Chinese labour costs were (and still are) consistently low, yet it was the CCCP’s industrial policies that inherently played an integral role in shaping the Middle Kingdom’s – and the world’s – EV and battery supply-chain landscape.

Original source by Cameron Drummond at Stockhead