Beecher Project

Beecher Project

The Beecher Project is located 7km from the township of Custer in the Black Hills of South Dakota. The Project is located on a 15-acre patented claim, surrounded by approximately 20,300 hectares of Bureau of Land Management (BLM) staked claims. Patented claims effectively bestow immediate exploration and mining rights to the owner. The Beecher Project includes the historic Longview, Beecher and Black Diamond mines. Longview was mined in the 1950s for lithium, with lithium rich spodumene ore sent to Hill City for processing. 

Location of Beecher Project
Large lithium spodumene minerals in the pit walls of the historic Beecher Mine.

Assays from IRIS’ maiden RC drill program confirmed significant lithium mineralisation as follows:

60m @ 1.21% Li₂O (true width) from 16m in BDH-23-001, including:

  • 40m @ 1.40% Li₂O from 36m; and
  • 22m @ 1.90% Li₂O from 46m

54m @ 1.30% Li₂O (true width) from 1m in BDH-23-009, including:

  • 35m @ 1.58% Li₂O from 4m and
  • 13m @ 2.10% Li₂O from 24m

40m @ 1.10% Li₂O (true width) from 48m in BDH-23-002, including:

11m @ 1.53% Li₂O from 48m and
10m @ 1.97% Li₂O from 78m

(refer to ASX announcement: 9/8/2023 “Multiple Wide, High Grade and Shallow Lithium Intersections”).